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Can't save progress due to application license expiring

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Can't save progress due to application license expiring



I'm in a situation where my personal license expired whilst I was working on a project. I worked on this for a couple of days on the expired account, leaving the application running, and now don't have permission to save or export the progress due to the session being associated with the expired license. I have renewed my license along-side Fusion but of course it seems to require a restart of the application for the change to take effect.


I'm now stuck with an open project.


Is there a way I can update the license/permissions in-app to reflect my renewed account (allowing me to save) without having to close the project and start over again?


Thank you, Ben

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I came back to the application some hours later to find it had reflected my account renewal and the save/project management etc. was now working.


I think what's happened is I removed the wifi hotspot whilst I was away, forcing Fusion into offline mode (still with the project open); when I reconnected the internet later, it updated the account register as if I'd logged out & back in again - enabling all the permissions in-app for my account and allowing me to save the project before closing.



Hopefully this monologue serves to help someone in the same situation...



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Having this same issue now, have a huge project due tomorrow and cannot save my work and export it. Any idea how long it took for your license to update in fusion? I've gone offline and on again but doesnt seem to have fixed the issue. 

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Hi, it was some time ago now but iirc I was out for the afternoon - so perhaps 4-6 hours later when I came back to it.
Hope you get it sorted, good luck.

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