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Can't insert into current drawing after importing files

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Can't insert into current drawing after importing files

I had some files in a project i didn't realise was shared. I couldn't move the files out of the project into my because I didn't own it, so I exported the files and re-imported them into a new project I owned. Only now, when I'm trying to insert those imported files into a project to group them together, I get the message "Design not yet saved. Cannot insert external components into this design because it has never been saved. Save the design, then try to insert again." I tried saving the projects with new names, but that didn't fix anything. What's going on?

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Thanks for posting.


If I'm reading you correctly, the message about "save the design" is talking about the design you are inserting into. That message appears to let you know to save the design you wish to insert other designs into.

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