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Can't get student access

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Can't get student access

I am having several issues getting students access to Fusion 360. Two of my students, when they try to restart their access, Autodesk freezes up and won't go past the click of Restart Access button.  They have tried on multiple computers and same thing happens on all of them.


The other 8 students get as far as uploading transcripts but then never get the Get Access button to allow them to use the product other than in trial mode.

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Hi @elee,

Can you DM me the affected Student's email addresses? - I can look from our side to see if anything is amiss.

An alternative is to use a class license under your educator account and assign your students a license from your account. Educators have access to 125 named user licenses (or Network Licenses).


All the best,


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Leo Warren
Community Manager - Students & Educators
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Thank you for the quick response. You actually responded to both of my issues. I have a few students that got up through uploading their transcripts but they have never received a denial email but they can't get to the next step of downloading the software and then the license working. The most bizarre incident is the two students below that can't restart their access because (no matter what computer they try it on) the website freezes once they click on the restart access button.

Jaden Bettencourt:<315593>

Brianna Reyna:<316349>

I really need my students to be able to use Fusion immediately so I am going to go back to and see if it will allow me to create the 125 slots.

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