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Can't apply appearance to faces of linked components in an "assembly"

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Can't apply appearance to faces of linked components in an "assembly"

I have a file where I combine all my components I have built out individually. I can't apply appearances to faces of the component as shown in the video of linked A frame component in design file of my shop. Am able to drag onto whole component but want to have various faces be different. Doing it directly in the shop design is much better than doing it individually for my work flow. I understand this would be a way to do it.

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you are correct.  Face color is considered a design change, and cannot be applied at a higher-level assembly, for a face of an external component.  There is no way to do this other than to edit the external component and apply the face color there.  Or, if you have a commercial license, Edit in Place the external component, but the effect will be the same - the face color will be applied in the external component, it cannot be overridden at higher levels.


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director

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