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Can't apply any appearance

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Can't apply any appearance

I have the latest Fusion (2.0.18441) running on a Mac Studio with Sonoma 14.2.1, When I try to drag a Wood (Solid) appearance over my component (such as 3D Oak - Unfinished) nothing happens. The component never highlights and the appearance is not applied. It use to work.


I looked into the Wood folder and noticed a few appearances have a red dot in the upper right corner. Trying to apply those appearances DOES work.


I opened an older project that had the 3D Oak - Unfinished appearance and it was correct.

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Updating my Mac to 14.3.1 did not work. I was able to take that appearance from another project that had it, Copy to My Appearances, then choose it from the My Appearances list. So something strange is happening with newly downloaded appearances.

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This doesn't seem to be fixed yet. Fusion 2.0.18719


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