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Can not save project anymore after transferring projects to Fusion Team

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Can not save project anymore after transferring projects to Fusion Team



i "moved" my projects to the fusion team facility, now i am getting this:


Which means in short: I will not be able to save this due to the fact that it says there are external references from another team...

=> Which is not the case, all constructions are made by me...


When i try to save i get this:


=> Teamwide reference => Saving not possible "Ok" is grey

How can i fix this ?


Thank you very much...



Thank you very much

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in reply to: xpuipc

Created a short video to explain a couple of options for being able to save your assembly after transfer.




Shayne Prichard

Product Manager | Fusion

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in reply to: prichas

Hi Shayne,

thank you for your quick answer and the nice video....okay understood...but it seems everything is transferred from my "single user" to the "Team" hub...(i did it after i was asked to move from single to team, then there started a huge transfer....)
Due to the fact that there are "a lot" components with sub components in my can i find the missing "piece" reference ? Is there perhaps a list where i can find the "black sheep" of my assembly?

Thank a lot...

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in reply to: xpuipc

after some more investigation...

1. My assembly is "corrupted" in both "hubs" the one i migrated from and also as discribed i migrated to (Team hub)

2. Everything was automatically migrated when i "moved" to the Team hub as discrbed as you can see here:


2. I can not identify which part of my assembly is "external from another hub" to fix or migrate/move it to the right place (as the missing cup in your video).

3. This project is now useless for me because i can not save it anymore...also save as is not working


Please help me here how to find the missing part and to fix this. I invested hundreds of hours into the development of my project.


Thank you very much



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in reply to: xpuipc

I will reach out to you directly.

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