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Can I install Fusion 360 on my D drive???

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Can I install Fusion 360 on my D drive???

I've been using Fusion 360 for years. Today it told me I need to install updates to it. I tried to do that. I downloaded the Fusion 360 Client Downloader.exe and ran it. It does some pre-checks and tells me I don't have enough room on my hard drive and need to free up 5 giga bytes. I cleaned up everything I could but it still won't install.

I have a D drive that has over 900 gigabytes free. Is there a way to tell  the installer to install it on my D drive?

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No, the location is fixed, sorry. Here's an article that gives official wording

Seth Madore
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As far as I know, updates do not require reinstallation.



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But it does require a certain amount of disk space.

I ran the update and it did some initial checks and reported that it couldn't do the update because of lack of available disk space. Now I can't even start the program, instead it reports a a whole bunch of errors, being unable to locate certain dll files. Apparently during the checks it deletes some files. You'd think it wouldn't start deleting files until it was sure it could do the entire update.
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As you already know, you cannot install Fusion 360 on any drive except C.  You mention you have all sorts of hard drive space on D:. If C and D drive are simply partitions on the same physical hard drive, you may want to consider increasing the partition size of C: by reallocating some space from D:.  I do not know your computer operation system or your hard drive configuration but if it is either Windows 10 or 11, this process may be able to be done. Search the internet for the process.  For example, here is a link to the process on Windows 11.


One word of caution, be sure to create a "mirror backup" of your existing drive in case something goes wrong.  A good Backup application is Macrium Reflect at this link.

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Thank you for that suggestion. I'll look into that.

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