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Can I get the reaction torque on a shaft that isnt on the x or y axis?

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Can I get the reaction torque on a shaft that isnt on the x or y axis?

This is a delta robot with a 20lb force applied to the effector. Each crank is fixed on its revolute shaft location. I want to understand the torque requried to hold the structure static. 

The reaction forces page when highlighting the revolute joint of the crank arm shows torques in 3 axis. The arm on the right happens to be aligned with the x axis so I can see the torque on this arm to hold the structure still is 534Nmm. The other crank arms are not aligned with x y or z. How can I see the torque requried to hold the delta still?


Image shows reaction on arm aligned with x axis. 




This image shows reactions for the arm on the left. What am I to do with these numbers?




Thanks for any help!

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in reply to: cfischer_engr

Hi @cfischer_engr,

Reactions can only display values with respect to the global coordinate system, there isn't a way to show them via a local coordinate system.


A workaround is to run the simulation with the model rotated, so that the arm is aligned with a global x, y, z axis. You can do this in Simulation, without affecting the model in the Design workspace.

  1. Go to the Simplify workspace
  2. In the browser, right-click on the Simulation Model > Clone Simulation Model (with the study)
  3. In the cloned sim model, use the Modify > Move / Copy command to rotate the entire assembly so that an arm is aligned with a global axis
  4. Run the simulation for the rotated Sim model (make sure the force is still aligned properly)

Hope this helps!

Hugh Henderson
QA Engineer (Fusion Simulation)
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Thank you for the response. 


This is very unfortunate as rotating and resolving for each arm is a lot of work. Especially when I want to analyze many locations to understand the entire work envelope. 


I hope fusion considers a more articulate method for displaying the reactions in the future. 

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