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Bug with joints and components losing reference to them?

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Bug with joints and components losing reference to them?

I'm new to F360 and have been working on an assembly that uses joints to keep components aligned.


I noticed that sometimes components like to go AWOL and won't respect their joints. I have no idea what's going on.


This image shows the issue. The bolts have moved to a random place in the assembly instead of staying with the joints (circled in red).



Here's a video that demonstrates this problem. Any advice would be helpful.

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Please share the file for reply.

File > export > save as f3d on local drive  > attach to post



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Keep timeline marker at the end of file, 

Run Compute All, if the bolts are adjusted correctly, will be the workaround, 


If does not correct the situation, then the file will be needed for trouble shooting.


Might help….

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Thanks @davebYYPCU, Compute All fixed the issue and even preserved things after edits to features.


I'll supply the 3D file anyway. It's in a state where I've got just one mirror support assembly joined to the frame and have not yet created a pattern to clone it.


To reproduce the issue:

1. Find Master Assembly -> Mirror Box -> Mirror Cell -> Mirror Cell Support Assembly

2. Create a pattern using that component and select the Z-axis in the origin in the middle of the Mirror Cell. Quantity 3.

3. Activate the "Mirror Cell" component and verify all the bolts in the support pads are in the right position

4. Manually drag the Timeline marker back to before you created the pattern and then manually move it back to the end of the timeline, or go and edit a feature in any of the sub-components.

5. Observe that some of the bolts are out of position

Again, running "Compute All" seems to permanently fix this so I'll accept that as an answer, but if anyone sees anything wrong with how I've constructed the components and sub components or set up the joints, I'd be grateful for pointers/feedback.


Note that in addition to regular joints, I also tried using Rigid Groups and As Built Joints. They all exhibited the same problems.


Thank you all!

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