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Bug: Show tool description wraps to 2nd line for long tool descriptions.

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Bug: Show tool description wraps to 2nd line for long tool descriptions.

I have the option "Show Tool Description" selected in Preferences:-General:-Manufacture


For Tools with a long description, Fusion 360 wraps the closing ) to the next line even when the Browser window in widened enough to show the full text of the tool description.



Usually, if the browser is not wide enough to show the full description it cuts it off and adds three dots ...

like this.  I think this is the better option for long tool descriptions.


The wrapping and placing the closing bracket ) on the next like makes it difficult to read the tool description.  As shown above in the [T6] Engrave1 Tool path.

The tool with the long description in this example is from the Amana Tools Library. Tool Code RC-45711)

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Could you share a sample file that has a toolpath that demonstrates this text bleed-over?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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I just went back into the file this morning to export it out and share it here and it's now not wrapping the tool description anymore. So I'm now trying to replicate the steps that create the problem.  I managed to get it back once but after saving, closing and re-opening the file, it fixes itself. So it's not really that much of an issue if that is the fix.


OK, here are the steps to replicate the issue.   Create an engrave Tool Path.  Select an Engrave tool from the Amana Tools Library (using the engrave tools filter).  The tool description will show on two lines.  If you save, close and re-open the file it fixes itself and displays correctly. If you re-edit the tool-path and select another engrave tool that you have previously used, it will show correctly (ie on one line).  So it only appears on the first time you use the  engrave tool in that file. 


I'm guessing it's a CR-LF issue in the description field text of the Amana Tools Library.  You see this all the time when dealing with software that runs on both Windows and Mac. One OS uses LF and the other uses CR-LF pairs at the end of lines.  My guess is when you select a tool from the Amana Tool library for the first time, Fusion update the GUI with the text from the tool library and then it copies the tool data into file.  This copying process fixes any CR-LF issues, so future uses of this tool don't show the problem, and when the file is reopened it uses the text from the local instance of the tool so it display correctly.


I'll attach the problem file here, but I'll bet it will be fine when you open it.  I've also attached a zipped up version of the Tools Library that I think was the one I used to import the Amana Tools.  So if you import this library and then select any engrave tool that hasn't been used before, you should be able to replicate the issue.

Hope this helps.


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