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Bug Report? (Am I going crazy??) - Has ORTHOGRAPHIC become "Reverse Perspective", and Perspective become ORTHOGRAPHIC ?

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Bug Report? (Am I going crazy??) - Has ORTHOGRAPHIC become "Reverse Perspective", and Perspective become ORTHOGRAPHIC ?

So I've not used Fusion360 for a few months - opened it today and did an update - and... is my brain playing tricks on me??


Let me define some terms, because they all have 2 meanings now.


1. ORTHOGRAPHIC (all caps) - This is what I learned at school - it's when a drawing is rendered in such a way so that all lines parallel to other lines and the same length, visually appear to be the same length - changing the direction you look at things does not change the relative sizes of same-lengthed parallel things.


2. Orthographic (NOT in caps) - This is one of the view modes that my current Fusion360 offers me.


3. PERSPECTIVE (all caps) - This is what things look like in real life - the further away they are, the smaller they appear.


4. Perspective (NOT in caps) - this is another fusion360 view mode.


5. "Reverse Perspective" - This is what PERSPECTIVE would look like, if you screwed up reality and made things look *bigger* as they get further away from you (no idea why you'd do that, but hey...)


SO - Looking around my design (without changing any settings) thismorning, I thought I remembered all my views as always being ORTHOGRAPHIC, but today, they all seem to be "Reverse Perspective" ?


See my video:-


This seems wrong to me? Am I going crazy? The PERSPECTIVE I am seeing (which I never remember seeing before) looks backwards - aka - "Reverse Perspective"?  Isn't the "far away" part supposed to be smaller, and the "close to you" part larger - you know - like real-life?


Also - when I select Perspective view - I think it gives me an ORTHOGRAPHIC one, and when I select "Orthographic", I get that mixed-up "Reverse Perspective" view instead?


I'm using the latest Fusion360 update, installed today 2023-10-21...


Is that a bug?



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