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bug: many decimal places obstruct measurement in sketch

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bug: many decimal places obstruct measurement in sketch


As the title suggests: 

if you have many decimal places on, when you draw a sketch line, the interface shows all decimal places while drawing. The measurement input does not scale to allow this, so you can't read the measurement. In my case I have a precision of 0,123456


Why do i need such precision?

I don't. But I need it to work around the fact that component masses (still) can't be overwritten/hard coded.

Since the volume measurement are in kg/mm3, the values quickly become 0,000xyz, and if you set the precision to less than the amount of digits in a physical material, there's a big rounding error.

screenshot Fusion 360 05-10-2023 2.png


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in reply to: rangorino


use scientific notation


scientific notation_.png



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in reply to: rangorino

Hi @g-andresen 

That does not work, because the values in question are not within the brackets of the scientific notation settings. This isssue shows if you draw a line in a sketch, that is for example 11,12352154321421 mm. Since this number is not above 99.999,99999, and 0,01.


And if I lower the precision, using scientific notation in the material density is unfortunately cut off at the precision setting – so even though i put in 1,061325123e-3, fusion will snap to the set precision.


Besides that, if it worked it would be a workaround, not a solution.


Better (in my opininion) behaviour would probably be that the sketch environment is visually constrained/snapped to e.g. 2 decimals, and only if you add more decimals would it show.

screenshot Fusion 360 09-10-2023 2.pngscreenshot Fusion 360 09-10-2023 4.pngscreenshot Fusion 360 09-10-2023.png

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