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Bug in slider joint?

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Bug in slider joint?



I'm trying to get a slider joint working, but it seems that things are not working as one would expect.

When I enter the maximum slider distance, the minimum slider distance is filled in automatically as a copy by Fusion.

This basically results in the slider becoming rigid (since no delta exists between min and max)


Can anyone tell me how to resolve this issue? Seems like a bug.


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in reply to: armanfissette

Revert to simple mathematics.


Lets say you have no limits, (cancel any you have)

Drive the Joint and move to one direction to where you want that direction to stop.

Make a note of the distance you drove it.  I will say 10 units.

Now drive the Joint in the other direction, to the stop position, and note the distance value.

I will say it’s minus 20 units.


You limits input for this scenario are, minimum -20, Maximum is 10, because minus 20 is less than 10.


Might help…..

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thanks for your reply,


the problem is that I'm not allowed by Fusion to give in 2 separate inputs for maximum and minimum as you say.

Entering either of them will result in the other being filled in automatically (when both min and max are checked)

I have another slide joint acting on another component, and this one does work as expected.

I tried rejoining several times, but I always get the same situation. Is there a way in Fusion to check for bad components to try and isolate the culprit?

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in reply to: armanfissette


I have gotten into the habit of initially only activating the minimum setting and assigning a value to it.
Then I switch it off, activate Max and enter a value.
I can then change the individual values separately even though both are activated.



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in reply to: g-andresen

Ok, that works, thanks for pointing that out. Must be Fusion being buggy then, not just my file.

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@armanfissette wrote:

Ok, that works, thanks for pointing that out. Must be Fusion being buggy then, not just my file.


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