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Bug in changing line width for Drawings

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Bug in changing line width for Drawings


I went to print a drawing I made, but it came out quite light, so I looked up how to darken/thicken the lines. I found the resource, but something very unusual happens, rendering the drawing useless.

I first changed the drop-down menu, going from thin to thick, and then clicking OK. Nothing changed.

So I went back and clicked the checkbox to display line widths. I hit OK and, chaos. It does this for every line thickness option, as long as the checkbox is checked. But no changes when the checkbox is unchecked.

I don't know what file type to export this drawing in order to share with you, so I've taken some screenshots.

I'd love to hear any ideas on what I may be doing wrong. Thank you!

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I am pretty sure this is a graphics issue, on your computer, but we can prove this by you exporting the 2D Drawing and Model using the method shown in the attached video.  The file download file will be an F3Z file which you can attach to a reply post using the attachment section.


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