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Bug 🐛: Fusion Hangs on Launch When Previously Connected to External Monitor

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Bug 🐛: Fusion Hangs on Launch When Previously Connected to External Monitor

When launching Fusion after having it connected to an external monitor, it appears to hang, showing a white screen and becoming non-responsive. However, I discovered that the child window for "suspend session" was active but cannot be accessed or seen/moved from the taskbar.


As a result, the application appears to hang, but the main app is appearing to block/not process window events (displaying a white screen), waiting for user input in the hidden "suspend session" window.



I wasted/spent 4 hours opening/closing and then "repairing" the Fusion installation, uninstalling, and reinstalling - only for it to happen again.  Likely impacts users with laptops+workstations, and people working from home most - those moving between sessions.  Traveling back into the office at the weekend to plug into the same screen.


Proposed solution:

Identify if the "suspend session" window is being displayed outside of the visible screen and, if so, automatically move it back to the visible area.

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@asheepcalledgeorge @Thank you for the feedback and our apologies for this experience. 

There is an upcoming release where in we have made changes to problems like you have called out, specifically to closing Fusion on multi monitor and opening them again in a single screen. 


Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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Fantastic! Thanks for the quick reply! 🙏

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Hi, Not sure if this update was actually pushed or is still in the works, but I am experiencing a similar problem.


Problem: Fusion hangs after splash screen on startup if closed on monitor other than primary monitor. Fusion remembers being closed on secondary monitor and will try and launch on this monitor. If the monitor is smaller than the primary monitor it will hang.


This can be resolved by disabling secondary smaller monitors and re-launching fusion.


This occurs with an nvidia 970 and 4070 card in Win 11.

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@stkrave WE have addressed similar issues in the past but if you are still facing this problem please look at this link

If you machine has the nahimic audio then those drivers are causing some issues. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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