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Browser shows on top of other applications

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Browser shows on top of other applications

Pretty often(intel macbook, currently running sonoma but this has been happening for years), my Fusion browser "shows through" other applications.  If I click or ⌘+Tab back to Fusion and then return to the other application it fixes it ... for a while!  I'm not sure what exactly causes it to re-occur.


I often am working in several tools at once, so this is pretty annoying.


I can reproduce this 100% of the time by starting Fusion, and then while it loads switching over to any other application (Firefox,, Slack, Affinity Designer, whatever).


I normally work with an external monitor but this happens even if it is not connected so I do not believe that is related.




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in reply to: Trivium_Jesse

Why this bug hasn't been fixed is a great mystery. Someone posts about it once a week. The patch needed is only a line or two. They've been shown proof¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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in reply to: bentwookie

I was about to post about this issue, mine does it and it's really annoying

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