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Browser Showing in multiple desktops

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Browser Showing in multiple desktops

Hello, I am Mac user and I have multiple desktops, the Fusion app is started in one of the desktops but the Browser shows in all of them, I thought initially that is a problem because of the ram memory in a old computer, right now I have the M3 Macbook Pro and the problem is there as well. I am sure it is something I am missing in the setup Autodesk never would allow this annoying issue happens. Any professional user would help me on this? Thanks in advance.

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There should be options for this in the basic settings for multidisplay mode.



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Hi there, thanks for your time, I think I did not express myself very well, I have multiple desktops in my Mac, so I can shift one to another with the trackpad, the problem is that Fusion 360 browser shows in all of multiple desktops, this is annoying and stays on top of the aps in the other desktops. Hope this clarify.


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It's a long standing bug with how Fusion manages its windows on the Mac. Specifically (for any Autodesk dev listening), they don't mark the browser and tool windows as children of the main window so the Window Server doesn't know to collect them properly for different Spaces.

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