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Browser Disappears When Moving Fusion 360 App Window to Other Mac Monitor, Won't Come Back!

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Browser Disappears When Moving Fusion 360 App Window to Other Mac Monitor, Won't Come Back!


I am experiencing a bug that causes the browser to permanently disappear until the app is restarted.


Try this:


1.)  Open Fusion 360 on a Mac with 2 monitors.  I'm using two 27" Apple Cinema Displays.


2.)  Open a new project or an existing project, and make sure the Browser (where your models and other nodes show up on the left side of the workspace) is displayed.


3.)  Now grab the Fusion 360 app window and drag it over to the second monitor.  The Browser disappears!  Moving the app window back does not restore it, nor does selecting "Hide Browser" and "Show Browser", nor does selecting "Reset To Default Layout".


The only way I have found to make the Browser show up again is to quit the app and restart.  Not optimal!


Can this please be fixed ASAP?  There is currently no way to run Fusion 360 on the non-primary display.




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in reply to: techshopjim

Same problem. I don't even have to move fusion to another monitor, all I have to do is work on the other monitor for a second and the browser is gone in fusion when I go back. Such a pain. The only way to reset it, is to restart fusion. Reseting to default layout does nothing. This seems to be a bug accessing the gpu, maybe only on Mac but it has been happening accross the latest versions for months now... Fusion please fix!

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in reply to: techshopjim

I have this problem on my M1 MacBook Pro running macOS Big Sur, however it is a little more sneaky than described above.  In my case I can run the program on either monitor fine to start, but if the screen saver kicks in, or if the computer is allowed to go to sleep, and Fusion is running on the external monitor, ~75% of the time when I come back the browser only renders on the laptop monitor and will not show up on the big monitor.  If I drag the main window back to the laptop screen,  everything is fine, but trying to move it to the external screen, the browser gets "Left behind" on the laptop screen.

I'd love to help with troubleshooting this.


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in reply to: techshopjim

Same Problem, I have this huge monitor, but I end up doing all my work on this tiny laptop monitor for hours a day because the browser won't follow the app window. Additionally when I pull the window up to my secondary screen  and then try to select something in the browser in my laptop screen it shifts where the selection of mouse hits, very strange I have to move my mouse to the item above the one I want to highlight and select. Working on a Macbook Pro M1 chip. This has been a problem I've had for years though including on my old MBP.

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On macOS Fusion 360 has a number of issue in multi monitor mode. @jeff_strater  is this a recognized problem ?

Peter Doering
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in reply to: techshopjim

yes, it is one of those multi-monitor issues that we have been tracking for a while.  Still trying to find the root cause, unfortunately...


Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: jeff_strater

If anyone has some repeatable steps I'll try and help troubleshoot.  One thought for others is in the Mac Display settings you can (in the Arrangement tab) change the "primary" monitor by moving the white stripe from one monitor to the other.  For people like @david.zacher who say that they can't use the external monitor at all I'd be curious if changing that to the "big" monitor would change the behavior.


I will say this has happened to me less after the last update.  Not sure if something was tweaked.

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Same issue, multiple MacBooks and display configurations.


It seems the issue stems from the browser (and other components, including the loading bar when importing a component into the current model) are treated as separate windows by MacOS. Swiping up to reveal all open windows usually reveals the missing content is on the internal display or, if in full-screen mode on external display, often loaded on a second desktop on the external monitor. Will post screenshots when it happens again.



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in reply to: techshopjim

This is happening to me using a single screen on an iMac running different desktops. 


Browser seems to have its own "window" privileges and therefore will sit behind the main fusion screen. I can bring it back by cmd + opt + b (twice)


Strangely, doesn't happen all the time. More frequent occurrences in the last two weeks. (I update my fusion 360 almost immediately when a new update comes in for my appearances to come back). 


Running Catalina 10.15.7.

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in reply to: techshopjim

I am having a similar issue on my intel macbook pro laptop screen. The browser and other menus hide behind the main window randomly

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in reply to: techshopjim

This has been an issue with F360 and Mac since I started using it back in 2015. The issue seems to stem from moving from one space to another in MacOS. It gets exacerbated with multiple displays since each is treated as a separate space. I wouldn't hold my breath on this getting fixed. After seven years they either don't understand the issue and/or don't care to put the resources into fixing it.

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in reply to: designlightco

"cmd + opt + b (twice)"

That seems to work pretty well.
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in reply to: dgdavidson

This just hides and reveals the browser. If the browser is on a different screen from F360 it just hides and reveals it on that screen. It does nothing to reattach it to the rest of the F360 interface. It also doesn't fix the issue of the browser floating on top of other applications when they are in the foreground.


This also does nothing to fix the frequent issue of the menu drop downs appearing on a different screen from the application. Basically the F360 interface on MacOS is a mess and it hasn't gotten much love for at least the 7 years I've been using it.


So no, it doesn't really work that well to fix the issue.

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in reply to: techshopjim

This is a really annoying bug! It wasn't there a few years ago, it must have been introduced about a year ago. I have 2 screens and several desktops per screen. I found the following:

  • The browser disappears when switching between desktops, not between screens. In fact it happens after doing something in an app on another desktop and switching back to F360 by clicking on its icon in the dock. If you go back to the F360 desktop by ctrl<> or via misson control it does not happen.
  • After it has disappears it can be made visible again by pressing opt-cmd B twice, or by minimising and maximising F360, but as soon as you click anywhere in F360 it disappears again.
  • The sketch pallet also disappears with the browser when in a sketch.
  • Clicking on another app window on the same desktop and then back on F360, brings back the browser and  F360 works normally again (easiest "fix" for me)
  • Sometimes the browser just floats on the desktop or on top of another app (without F360 being visible).

Apart from the latter item, the others are 100% reproducible for me. I hope the above helps in fixing this soon, because it makes working with F360 painful.


Should be a high priority as all OSX users who use multiple desktops are affected.



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in reply to: designlightco

Update: Still not resolved; but a slight reprieve found. 


If you open a drawing in a new tab; the issue seems to be semi-resolved. 


It seems to hold the browser in the window, sometimes having to jump across to the drawing and back, but less painful then cmd+opt+b three times. 


Nevertheless; this is becoming tiresome, frankly, as a company, we have begun to look at other software to avoid frustration. 


With hope, 



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in reply to: 20499570

Clicking on another app and then back to F360 appears less painful to me than opening another drawing in a new tab (see easiest fix above).

Also this is a permanent fix, while clicking cmd+opt+b only solves it until you click anywhere else in F360...

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in reply to: techshopjim

This happens to me too with multiple desktops (or spaces in MacOS speak.) I like to watch videos that teach Fusion 360 techniques on one desktop and have Fusion 360 running on the next desktop, so that I can just slide side-to-side from one desktop to another. Whenever I change desktops, and then go back to Fusion 360 the dockable browser is no longer visible and is behind the Fusion 360 app. This is bug reproducible 100% of the time. And this happens with any dockable view (i.e. 2D Contour Parameters).


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This issue has gotten worse with the new release (2.0.13375). It used to be that I could view desktops, select the browser and it would be back in place. Now it will show, but as soon as you try and use it it goes into the background again. I realize this is a tricky issue on a Mac but it makes it really hard to use Fusion 360.


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in reply to: techshopjim

I have quite ok mileage by undocking the browser and placing it on another screen. i.e. main CAD window on center screen, browser on the left screen, toolboxes on the right screen.

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in reply to: techshopjim

Same bug (on a Mac), no external monitor, and not only occurring for the browser menu. 

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