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Bodies imported from inventor are not independent

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Bodies imported from inventor are not independent

I created a vessel cover with several flanges in inventor. Some parts are just copies (2 same parts, not in an array)

When now I try to rotate one of the (equal) bodies that were parts, the other rotates also. They are not independent.

Even if I make a copy of that body, it stays connected to the other one.

When I combine bodies, and 3 bodies that were once a part with the same name, only one remains, and the two others magically disappear.
Just try it in the attach, very strange (components named 'plate' e.g. and components named 'DIN 2633') try to rotate one without the other one(s) also rotating.

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in reply to: johan

No attachment.  But, my guess is that when you are rotating, you are rotating bodies, not components, and doing that will rotate that body in all component instances.  That is just a guess based on described symptoms, though, and if we have the design, and a video of what you are trying to do, it will likely be apparent.

Jeff Strater
Engineering Director
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in reply to: jeff_strater

It is strange I uploaded the file, and now again.

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in reply to: jeff_strater

The problem disappeared today... But what you mentioned was correct. 

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