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Black Screen when trying to Simulate CAM

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Black Screen when trying to Simulate CAM

Fist time trying to us  CAM and have set up tool path
When I try to simulate, my screen goes black. Under the info tab on the Simulate tool bar I can see numbers changing. 

when I exit the simulation. All is good again. 

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This is probably a graphics issue.  Go to the "?" mark in the upper right hand corner of Fusion 360 and click on Support and Diagnostics and choose the Graphic Diagnostic to check your graphic card driver.  There is an icon at the lower part of this dialog box to check for driver updates.


Graphics Diagnostic.jpg


You also can try to assign a different Graphic Driver from your Preferences panel.  If you do this, Fusion 360 must restart between each change.


Graphics Driver.jpg

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John Hackney

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in reply to: pat2030303

Hmm, this doesn't quite sound like a graphics issue. It's possible that there's something else obscuring your view. Can you share a screen recording of what you're seeing?
Would you be able to share your Fusion file here or privately?
File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply. To share the file privately, it's the same process, but email it to me: seth DOT madore AT autodesk DOT com

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: jhackney1972

Changing it to Direct 11 worked.. I have been trying to figure that out for a while now

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