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Automated Drawing Tool Not Working with Templates

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Automated Drawing Tool Not Working with Templates

When I use the "Automatic" mode for creating a drawing of a part with "From Scratch" as the template the system works as expected, but when I use an actual template the output page ends up being completely blank except for the title block. The part isn't even in the tree for the drawing.

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in reply to: jordan783ZS

I cannot replicate your issue.  I am using a custom template I create over 2 years ago and the Automatic drawing function works as advertised.  You could attach your drawing template and the Forum users could check it out.


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in reply to: jordan783ZS

Hi @jordan783ZS 


Does your template contain placeholder views? If so, the automation will treat it like a “Smart Template” & ignore any automations. 

to check, open your template, delete all sheets (except the first one), delete ALL browser nodes and placeholder views. Save this template (give it a new name for automations). 

EDIT: Have a look here for more info on templates.


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in reply to: ClintBrown3D

Ah that would explain it, our template does indeed have placeholder views in it. However, doesn't having no nodes also mean that we won't be able to include things like a parts list in the template?

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in reply to: jordan783ZS

Hi @jordan783ZS 


For Drawing Automation, you set this up in document settings, there is a new "Automation" tab.




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