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Autodesk U Keypad issues

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Autodesk U Keypad issues

Hello all...I teach woods/manufacturing/guitar making at Sisters High in Sisters Oregon.


I attended the Autodesk U this year and took the Fusion Factory Experience to create the keypad.


I was excited to use it when I returned to work but I am having no luck getting it to power up when I plug it into my laptop. 
Can anyone give me support on this? A folder does load when plugged in that contains info about the Raspberry Pi board, but the keypad is not recognized, nor does it power up when plugged in. I've tried several USB C cables with no luck.


I appreciate any help here since this kind of electronic is not in my wheelhouse.




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in reply to: jason.chinchen

Hey Jason,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Here are the programming instructions, please give them a try and reply here if they don't work. - Jonathan


1. Hold encoder button down and plug in device / hold encoder button and press reset button

2. Drag + drop “adafruit-circuitpython-adafruit_macropad_rp2040-en_US-8.2.7.uf2” onto disk image

3. Once rebooted, drag and drop contents of “AU2023_Macropad_Public”, replace all files on disk.

Jonathan Odom
Community Manager + Content Creator
Oregon, USA

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