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Auto Arrange tweaks possible?

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Auto Arrange tweaks possible?

Hi all,  Are there any good ways to "re-seed" the Auto Arrange nesting feature until it returns favorable results?  I have a model where there is room on the stock to place the last component, but the algorithm keeps kicking out and rearranging all pieces, when there is clearly room on the sheet. I have tried flipping faces and selecting components in different orders, but at some point, it would be faster to do this manually.  Any tips or advice here would be very much appreciated. Thanks.



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Would you be able to share your Fusion file here?
File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d/.f3z file in your reply.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: pickinben

Hi Seth,  I am afraid the file is not mine, so I cannot post it publicly. Any suggestions or pointers towards making the arrange function function better would be very helpful though. Thank you.

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One way to trigger the Arrange command to re-calculate is to remove the sheet dimensions and manually drag the sheet sketch borders which will cause the arrange command to recalculate.  This may trigger the inclusion of your divorced sheet metal body.  You can then re-dimension the sketch if desired.  I know you are working with a known sheet size but I am just giving you a method to have the Arrange command to re-calculate.

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John Hackney

Beyond the Drafting Board

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The tweaking of the boundary worked with some success to do most of the work.  Ultimately I just made an additional arrangement, now that it's in the design space, and manually moved the components to the first boundary.  Not ideal, but better than nothing.  At least everything was on the same plane, etc. Thanks. 

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