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Assemblies are exploding while moving, post update

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Assemblies are exploding while moving, post update

First off, no, unfortunately I cannot share this file in any way, shape, or form contractually. 

The issue I'm facing with this axle assembly is that when trying to move or rotate it, the assembly is blown apart. I've tried creating a rigid group, doesn't do anything. Can't combine, just results in a boolean error. This started after the most recent update installed, this model could be manipulated without issue prior. 

Thus far, Autodesk's phone support has not been helpful. 

See video below for best description of the error. 

Update: imported this assembly into Solidworks and it rotated the WHOLE THING without gripe. Yet another lovely bug in a basic function from Fusion after decade of development. Yee haw!

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in reply to: phillipJSCHJ

Hilariously, the Fusion team thinks this is the right way for the software to operate despite it being a change with the last update. Who else believes that when they select an entire assembly that we want individual parts to orbit around their own unique origins vs. everything moving in unison? 

Again, wasn't an issue in Solidworks to spin this axle 90°... 

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