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Arrange function disappeared

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Arrange function disappeared



since the last update, the Arrange function disappeared in Manufacture->Edit Manufacture Model. 

This is very unfortunate, since this is really the only time I need this function to prepare my mill jobs.

Please fix asap,


best regards,


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Ok I fixed it myself by deactivating the "Automated Arange" feature, what's the reasoning here?
Seems like a bug

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in reply to: simon.trendel

Feature, not a bug. The new Automated Arrange option is touched on in the most recent What's New blog post, and it does intentionally remove the Arrange from the MFG workspace and places it only in the Design space

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: simon.trendel

I don't know if it's me doing it wrong or there's something in fusion that doesn't add up.
I built an assembly of many components.
I take some of these to the plan on the xy plane with the arrange command, I go to the production environment and carry out the contouring operations.
Back in the drawing environment, I go back in the timeline to review my assembled assembly and view all the scattered components as if exploded.
NB: I redid all the rigid joints but nothing changes.

At this point I save, close the project and reopen it and as if by magic the assembly is all right again
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in reply to: seth.madore

Why would you do this? In the design environment you have everything in the proper, designed position/orientation. In manufacturing you move things around so you can manufacture them. Someone made a huge mistake here. Undo this ASAP

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in reply to: seth.madore

Hello Seth, I designed different product and saved it in fusion 360 desktop application when I opened it again i couldnt find anything in my account fusion 360 there is no any design and i have designed various product and saved it into folder called learn fusion 360

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