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Arrange command failing

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Arrange command failing

I am attempting to arrange a set of components for a project and am getting the following error:

Error: Sketch Sketch6 has no closed profiles for NestResult
Error: Cannot get the geometries for the selected component: f2:1/f2. A planar face is required to be arranged.
and similarly for f3:1/f3, f4:1/f4, f6:1/f6 and f17:1/f17


All 20 components I'm attempting to arrange are similar planar objects and there is no visible distinction between the components I am able to arrange and the one's that deliver the error. The sketches mentioned in the error do not exist in my project and I assume are created as part of the process for the Arrange. The Arrange works when I delete the components that deliver the error from the Arrange command.  I can select the planar surface on each of the failed components with the create drawing command without issue.  


I have the most recent version of Fusion for Mac and am working on a Intel Macbook Pro running MacOS 12.6.5. 


Any assistance appreciated.


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