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Are sketches broken?

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Are sketches broken?

Im trying to draw a simple thing where one angle is relative to the other in a cycloid fashion around a circle..

Lemme say.. im suprised how much the sketch mode in fusion have declined over the years.. But this is now bordering on "unusuable"

I'm attaching a example... This makes a cycloid calculation. By taking one angle and driving another angle around a circle.. going from any degree already set to a different values, results in a computational fail.

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So in this clip i have resorted to manually setup the cycloid calculations..
And converted the pinsize to a parameter so the gear could recompute it self.. But.. going from 5mm to 6mm - where the pinsize is driving the sketch in general.. compute fails..

Bare in mind.. It fails on a 18 core i9, with 128gbs of ram and a 4090 24Gb GPU... 

What are we paying for ?!?!?!

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please share the file and describe what you want to achieve



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in reply to: g-andresen

I want it to be able to todo basic recalculations without getting computational fails..
Things that works in every other CAD package than Fusion360 apparently.

Its obvious from my video clips what i'm doing.. I'm just changing a small amount of data to make it rework a calculation. But at some point the calculation usually stalls, breaks or fails computing. And usually with no initial error.
It's not to create something particular part or anything its used in Education to explain the relationships of curves in cycloids.

And it can usually be sorted by starting a new file, new sketch and start over from scratch.. until it fails again.. which it always does.

The computation on that is also very dependent on the amount of constraints in the file. It has to be a bug.. Its ridiculously fragile.

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in reply to: andreas

Without your model, the Forum users cannot "guess" what parameters are set or how you created your sketch.  It is up to you, attach your model or not but making guesses is a waste of time.

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