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Appearances will not apply after downloading.

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Appearances will not apply after downloading.

This is a new wrinkle to the "Always needing to re-download appearances after each update" issue:


It used to be that some common appearances were pre-loaded (rough powder coat white for example), now no appearances are, which is slightly annoying given the frequency of updates, but not a big deal. But now, after downloading, many appearances will not apply at all. I usually apply to bodies by dragging the appearance icon to the intended bodies in the model. I know that functionality works, because I can duplicate the default appearance, edit that appearance and drag that onto bodies. I can also drag from my Favorites bar onto bodies, but most appearances I download cannot be applied.

I have tried selecting the body in the browser and dragging the appearance to that as well. I am trying this on some extremely simple models, no imported components, everything created in the Solid workspace.

I have recently removed and re-downloaded Fusion to try and jog this issue as well as connectivity issues I was having, the connectivity issues resolved, but not this one. I rely on the render space pretty heavily in my workflow and this is a big drag.

Am I the only one who is having this issue over the last month or so? I am fully updated, running on a M1 MacBook Pro.

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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

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It is not one file, it is across all my models, both new and ones that date from previous to this issue, so it is not an issue with the specific file. I have already checked with others on my team by having them open my models and attempt the same action. They do not have the same issue. 

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