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Appearances showing through other appearances

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Appearances showing through other appearances

Hi all,


I am having a problem were the appearances I am adding to the model are not solid. I can see other applied appearances through others. Almost as if the part was transparent but only other appearances show through. I assume this is a display issue but cannot find any way to get rid of it. I have attached a photo below of what it looks like. Any feedback would be appreciated and if any further info is needed let me know.




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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

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Hi @TheCADWhisperer 


I have attached a file that has the problem. If looking from one side of the cap I can see an appearance 'through' the cap.



I don't always have this problem. Only with select files and I cannot see any difference in settings between them nor have I changed any.


Thanks for your reply.

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Right click and select Remove Appearance Override.



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This worked for the specific case but am not sure it will work for all. Could you please explain what the error was here? Do all appearances have to be define at part level? I don't fully understand what 'remove appearance override' is doing or what my mistake was to cause this.



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I don't know what workflow you followed to get to this state - so can't suggest a specific solution.


In general, I assign Body Appearance to entire body,

then assign individual Face Appearances that I want different than the general body.


I am not particularly fond of how Fusion handles Appearances.

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This approach only works for certain instances the rest my problem remains. I simply apply my appearances in an assembly to the components. Quite frustrating as I put a lot of effort into making my models realistic and this problem makes them look poor.

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