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Any idea why my files became so large?

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Any idea why my files became so large?

Recently had trouble uploading some files online due to zip file size. On looking, a small STL that would previously have been about 500KB is now 2800KB.

I have changed no settings and always save as High quality Binary STL.

I opened an older model, and saved a part that used to be 1700KB, and that still saves as 1700KB, so it seems that it is something in the modelling rather than the saving? I have older models far more complicated than my current model that are a quarter of the overall file size. Any ideas? I have altered no settings at my end. just carrying on as usual.

I have a zip folder for a huge, complicated model that is 2.8MB, and this simple model I just made with only a dozen basic STL parts, is 50MB.

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To clarify, a similar STL object that was 11MB compared to a piece now 28'000MB

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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?

Why stl rather than *.f3d?

Show examples.

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I only need STL for 3D printing. All I make are 3D printables. I save each individual part of a model for printing and assembly.

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