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alot of errors

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alot of errors

Hi Guys,


When i open fusion360, it takes ages to load. After it eventually loads fusion360 gives me an error about "sever verification warning" then after a few mins "Sorry fusion360 wasn't able to save sufficient data for offline mode and needs to go online" and finally "can not switch to online mode either application will exit now". there is also a error at the top left called "we've detected a unexpected outage". When i try to gather system info in the service utility my mac goes "your system has run out of application memory and it turns out Fusion360 is somehow using 40GB of memory (i have only 8gb of memory). If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated

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Try the Fusion Service Utility, pick the Repair option.

Phil Eichmiller
Software Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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