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Allow export of bodies that are not visible

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Allow export of bodies that are not visible

Given that even in the UI it is possible to use bodies not currently visible as parameters to commands, such as combine by selecting them in the browser, it should also be possible to use them in export commands from both the API and the UI.


Currently, the API will succeed if a body that is visible is exported using the export manager. There will be no errors, but the file created will not have the body in it (at least for STL).


When an attempt in the UI to export a non-visible body, it will fail with an error report.


1. currently there is a bug in the API, because it appears to succeed and writes a file that does not contain the body used for the export command.


2. it should be possible to export selected items regardless of visibility as that it a UI/workspace property and should have nothing to do with use of the body in any operation. I would call this a bug also, but you may consider it a feature request.

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in reply to: Julie_7

There are two plugins that allow more flexibility in exporting stuff from Fusion 360.


3D Print Plus & 3D Print Pro


Export-It (exports entire projects in various formats)


Forum tread discussing the plugin


Peter Doering
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in reply to: TrippyLighting

They do not help me at all. I have my own add-in that I am using. That I why I need to be able to choose what to export and not have it depend on visibility in the UI.

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