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Allow cutting features to exist without error if they don't cut anything

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Allow cutting features to exist without error if they don't cut anything

I have a dynamic box I am creating where the width / length are variable. I have a sweep around the perimeter to clean things up if the width / length is a fractional unit. If the width is a whole number, then the sweep has nothing to cut and thus shows a warning in the timeline. 


I've attached the project. If you go into params and change width from 7.5 to 8, you'll see the warning appear. 



The same would be desired for extrusions with 0 length. Sometimes I want an extrusion to be conditional based on a parameter. since there's no way to suppress conditionally, being able to set the value to 0 without warning would be great too. 

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There is no parametric suppression ability, as far as I know,  but you do have the ability to suppress a feature if you are creating a Configuration table.  Configurations are only available in the Fusion Subscription license however.  I have heard rumors that suppression will be added to as a operand to If function in the future.


In the screen capture I am showing the clicks to add the suppression of an extrusion to a configuration table.


Feature Suppression in Configurations.jpg

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Thanks for the response John. Unfortunately I don’t have premium I’m just a hobbyist. 

suppression would be a nice feature but I don’t think it would fit all my cases. On one hand I like to have a property whether or not to add something like a rim at the top. But another case is if the extrusion doesn’t actually cut anything based on the size the user chooses. In this case I’d rather just ignore the warning 

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