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Allerta character 3 extrusion failure

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Allerta character 3 extrusion failure


I am trying to cut out stenciled numbers and letters to make a periodic table wall art. 

I downloaded this stencil font I found, Allerta, none of the others looked normal. 

I am using a mac but my university has Windows I can use if that is the issue. 

I am able to sketch and extrude all of the other characters I have tried so far except for the number 3.

When I try, it gives me the error "cannot complete extrusion, object you are creating is not visible. Please toggle visibility in the browser."

I changed the 93 to 92 in the same font to see if it was just the spot that was the issue and that wasn't the issue. (see file)

I changed the 63 to a different font and it extruded just fine. The 103 is still in its original form.


Is this an error with the font or is this an error with Fusion?


Alternatively, if anyone has a stencil font that looks similar they know works in this case I would be willing to use it. 

The university has access to Adobe creative cloud.


File attached

Best regards,


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I use Stardos Stencil font.  It is a TTF font installed on a Windows 10 computer.  Below is a sample of it and yours, notice the text in Allerta Stencil will not Extrude.  Attached is a zip file of the Stardos Stencil font and the model I am showing.


Font Comparison.jpg

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