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All values in the Parameters table are grayed out and cannot be changed

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All values in the Parameters table are grayed out and cannot be changed

All my parameters are grayed out and cannot be changed. After a while of googling, I haven't found a solution. I have restored the default settings of Fusion, but nothing has changed. The issue is both for all my existing projects and newly created ones.


Do you have any idea what's wrong?


It's annoying because I always have to delete a parameter and create a new one to change the value. I don't want to use "Configured" for all of them.





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Hi @juda_kaleta , Thanks for reaching out.

The parameters are grayed out as you have opened the Parameter table when you are in "Configuration Mode". In Configuration Mode, the Parameters table allow you to select parameters you want to configure and restricts creation and editing of parameters.

To edit your parameters, exit the Configuration Mode by clicking the checkmark (see highlighted in image below)


Configuration Mode.png


Please reach out if you face any issues.


Thank You.


Shubham Ghorpade
User Experience Designer - Fusion 360

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