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All of my objects are transparent

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All of my objects are transparent

I am a teacher and I am trying to go through the lessons that my students are going through, but I am experiencing a problems that I cannot seem to figure out and it is causing me a great deal of difficulty.

Each time I try to extrude a sketch, create a form or draw any other type of 3D object, my object is transparent. I have tried everything I know how to do. Read through countless message boards and so far nothing I have done can change the properties or transparency of the object. I have also ununstalled and installed Fusion a couple of times and tried it from several different machines(both Windows and Mac) and I get the same results every time. To me that indicates it may be something in my personal settings, but I can't find anything different about my account.

Below are a couple of shots of my screen showing what I am talking about. Thanks for any help.

The initial SketchThe initial SketchThe Sketch extrudedThe Sketch extruded

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Hi @dcarrollchsteach,


What are your display settings set to? It looks to me like you are in wireframe and they aren't necessarily transparent but in a different visual style:





Ryan Bales
Fusion 360 Product Support
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That was the problem the whole time. Thank you so much!

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You're awesome..

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Thank you so much! I was experiencing the same issue! Now it is solved! 

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Thank you


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thank you

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You saved my day as well!
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thank you!!
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Thank you !

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