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all my dimension on my exported DWG are half the size of what they need to be

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all my dimension on my exported DWG are half the size of what they need to be

Hi, can somebody please explain to me why all my dimensions of my exported DWG are half the size, or completely gone? I created the drawing on fusion 360, I export the file to DWG format simplified and when I open it up to check, all my dimensions are half of what they need to be. Example my piece is 80mm wide and on the DWG file it is 40mm. If I try exporting in DWG format AutoCAD DWG, I get an empty file. When I open it up I see nothing. I need to get my pieces laser cut but now all my dimensions will be wrong or non at all? Has anyone had the same problem or know what I am doing wrong?

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What scale is your base view created at? I'd guess 1:2.

When I inspect the dimensions in Rhino it shows a 2x scaling so 40mm is scaled to 80mm.



Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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@HughesTooling  you bloody legend. Thank you so much for that. Feel like a real donut for not checking that. Thank you for the solution and the quick response. Amazing

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