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AISI Steel In Material Library. Why?

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AISI Steel In Material Library. Why?

Why does the Fusion 360 Materials Library have an extensive set of AISI Steel standards, a standard that almost nobody on earth uses, and not ASTM or ISO or DIN standards, standards that almost everyone uses?


Good grief, most North American structural steel standards are ASTM A500. Not to be found anywhere. AISI cross references to ASTM are impossible to find. But if I want to find a DIN cross reference to ASTM, they are easily found.


So, when are you going to address this issue?





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How about that? 3 years later and still nothing from Autodesk…they have their asset library full of these…THAT EVERYBODY IN THE FABRICATION/MANUFACTURING BUSINESS USES…but you can’t get them over to the main library. You’d think there would be a sense of embarrassment at AutoDesk about this🤔

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Any update regarding this? ISO, DIN, JIS anything but AISI.

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I recommend making your own material library.

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in reply to: Tony-Warren

Hey Autodesk! Any news on this? Working between development and production with many suppliers around europe this is a must have! So please add this to the roadmap. Cheers from germany!

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