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after overriding (overwriting) a drawing dimension I can't see the original dimension value anymore

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after overriding (overwriting) a drawing dimension I can't see the original dimension value anymore

In a drawing file I want to check which dimensions are overwritten. when I click on a dimension, a dialogue box comes but there's no information if it's overwritten or not. I can't see the original dimension value. or there's no warning that tells me this dimension value is overwritten.

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Hello Clint,
Thanks for your reply but this is not a sufficient solution I think.
The main problem is without clearing out all dimensions in a drawing file we can't understand which dimensions are changed, overwritten by the user. Even a small warning mark near dimension will make everything more easier for us.
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Hi @cem.yavuz 


OK, that's a bit different. Sounds like what you are looking for is a tool that will find overridden dimensions and highlight them. As we have not yet built a tool to do this, this would be a new feature request.


Every customer request that we get, from meetings, emails, forum posts etc. gets collected and categorised in our feature request database. This information is used to prioritise the features that we build. I've added your request to our database.


I'd love to hear from you directly, to understand how overridden dimensions are affecting your workflows. If you're up for it, here is a link to my calendar, please book a 30-minute session with me, and we can chat on Zoom (Note that times are in 24:00 format so 03:00 is 3am, 15:00 is 3pm). 


Or if a good old-fashioned email is more your style, feel free to ping me Clint. Brown {a}

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