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Admin Problem, Shut down problem, offline problem, crashing, too many problems!

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Admin Problem, Shut down problem, offline problem, crashing, too many problems!

Hi,  I am about 1 month into my F360 experience and I need to solve some problems.


I am working at a company with 3 seats of F360. We have all be made administrators.

However when we go to access a project we often get hit with the "request access".

This is interesting because we have selected in the settings "no admin approval required"


Is there something I am missing here? This is a big problem because if a co worker goes home as far as I can tell I am not going to be working on that job.


Also when I try to shut F360 down I get a message saying "cannot close until jobs in progress complete"

Sometimes the number of "jobs" that are "in progress" is larger than the number of tabs I have open! What is the deal with this and I normally have to close anyway because they NEVER finish! Even if I wait 15 minutes nothing happens.


Lastly... I have my computer set so in never goes to sleep. However I keep getting a message saying I am offline. I am not offline. This has caused me issues with having to recover documents that I did in fact save before shutting down or moving to a different computer(occasionally). Also I have lost some data. (when switching computers). No I am not forgetting to save.


Any help would be appreciated.


P.S, when I come back to my computer and it shows the offline notification, this is when I am most likely to experience repeated freezing leading to a crash, when this happens it freezes and the left of the screen goes black repeatedly. The only way to gain control is to crash out of it, if by some miracle the black screen disappears when you click on something it freezes and goes black again and again. I have attached a photo showing the partial black screen of death.


PPS, I would also like to inform F360 staff of a problem, when I have generated a tool path and lets say I want to overwrite then NC file with an update. On Mastercam you would simply click the file name and it would appear in the box and you would overwrite. However if F360 I have to have a folder open and click on the file itself, click copy and paste the text into the box.

However when I do this the whole file name comes in so I have to manually delete the .nc extension and all the stuff before the file name. My file names are detailed so I have good reason to use this method.

So what I would like to inform you of is this... when I select part of the file name in that box and click delete, about 10 to 20% of the time it will delete the whole text, AND the window will close, AND it deletes the whole tool path instead of just the text selected. Somehow it manages to do all that in one fell swoop. What the F360 team really need to so is have a box on that window showing the files in that folder so you can click on one to overwrite.


Thanks again,


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@mattXTRM9 Looks like there is a lot going on here in this one thread. With 3 commercial seats you should be contacting our support team and escalating these issues. We can then track different issues that you are facing and come up with solutions. 

I am sure our Fusion expert customers can also help on the forums but I strongly encourage to use our product support that comes as part of your subscription. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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in reply to: mattXTRM9

I would just like to say for anyone considering Fusion 360, that I did contact support in September, but most of these problems are unresolved.


I am still having to request access

It is still saying "cannot close until jobs in progress complete"

The deleted tool path problem remains


The offline problem seemed to be resolved with an update


It would be good if I could get some advice here so others can see if these problems are solvable.




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"It is still saying "cannot close until jobs in progress complete"". This is typically a network problem where the upload to the cloud has not yet completed. Does this happen every time you try to close Fusion? Here is a link to a possible solution.


"I am still having to request access" regarding this do you have a support request ticket number that I can follow up on? 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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Thanks Rajkumar


The link you provided did solve that problem. Fantastic.


My supervisor has asked me to not provide the support ticket number just yet he is following up at the moment. I will let you know how we get on.

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