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add title block to existing sketch

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add title block to existing sketch

i have a sketch

i want to add a title block and border

i opened a drawing with an ISO template, but could not copy sketch into the drawing


what's the difference between a sketch and a drawing?

how do i add a drawing template, such as the ISO template, to a sketch?

alternatively, how do i copy my sketch into a drawing?

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You can follow the video.  As emphasized in the video, the plan you sketched the entities on must be chosen as the view in the 2D Drawing.


Edit: If you want to add a Title Block to a Drawing, especially if creating a template, this Blog Article and Video may be of help to you.

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John Hackney

Beyond the Drafting Board

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in reply to: jhackney1972

it worked

thank you


i got the dimensions also, (auto dimension) but it dropped trailing 0

and when i made them 3 decimal places, some stayed 1 decimal place,

or two decimal places, and some made the third decimal place a 3 instead of a zero


how may i bring in the dimensions from the sketch?

(instead of auto-dimension)


what is the difference between a sketch and a drawing?

apparently F360 sees them as different things, but i do not

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1. A sketch is required in order to create a body from it using the body tools Extrusion, Sweep... to create a body.
A drawing is derived from this body, in which multiple views can be created.
2. In drawing mode, you can use various dimensioning tools.



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in reply to: g-andresen

i built the sketch with dimensions

why do they not carry over to the drawing?

why did the dimensioning tools in the drawing not match the dimension i assigned in the sketch?

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