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About Fusion online

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About Fusion online


I'm trying Fusion360 "Online" and was wondering where computing is done...

Is it on the local machine or in the cloud.

If it is in the "cloud", could it be possible to manage the CPU used for computing a part?

I have a part which take more than 8 min to recompute after a major modification a Dell Precision 5560 (I9 2.6 Ghz)

Even if it is possible to optimize the conception, I was wondering if it could be possible to get more power on the cloud... by purchasing some computing time with token...


Many thanks


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Can you File>Export your *.f3d file to your local drive and then Attach it here to a Reply?


1. Are all of your sketches fully defined.

2. Have you used Feature Patterns rather than Sketch Patterns?

3. Are there any unresolved issues highlighted in red or yellow in your Timeline?

4. Are there any incorrectly used Moves (Move is almost always the incorrect move.)

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Many thanks, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to share such a file, for IP reason.

But what is sure, is that the method may make a difference.
By using another way, using patterning "features" instead of move with copy, I get a better regeneration time (About 3min vs 8)... 

and I guess that the CPU could also make some differences.

For example when working with Meshes when trying to convert large meshes to B-Rep it may take very long time or even never achieve the task.

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