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200% CPU used by Fusion + Node (parent process Fusion) on my Macbook Pro

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200% CPU used by Fusion + Node (parent process Fusion) on my Macbook Pro

I'm experiencing an unprecedented CPU usage when working with Fusion on my MacBook Pro 32 Gb RAM i9 Monterey, a quite fast machine (more infos in the screenshot below).


 Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 10.56.00.png


According to Activity Monitor (see screenshot below), this is due to the Node process, whose Fusion is the parent process, that adds up to 110% CPU usage to the already heavy CPU load by Fusion itself (around 90%). The result is a 200% CPU usage that makes impossible to work.

Screenshot 2022-05-01 at 10.48.18.png

More facts

  1. Node process starts in an unpredictable way, I cannot identified any Fusion task igniting it.
  2. Node process, once started, can persists for an unpredictable duration (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours).
  3. If I kill the Node process from Activity Monitor, Fusion still continues working, apparently without any impact on tasks which are in progress.
  4. The problem started manifesting some weeks ago, after my mac was restored to factory settings and upgraded to Monterey 12.3 MacOS by Apple assistance service. May this problem be somehow related to MacOS 12.3 Monterey upgrade? 

Thanks for any help.



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I have the same issue on MacBook Pro i9 MacOS 12.2 after Fusion 360 updated to 2.0.12888.  Up to that update of Fusion I had no issues with 100% CPU usage.  Fusion was good managing processor usage even when running on Monterey.


Node process starts up and then climbs to 100% and never quits even after Fusion is closed.  Only way to end node is to force quit the task.


I look forward to this being fixed.

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I'm running into the same thing on my 2023 MacBook Pro M2. The only thing I found to fix it is to reset the fusion install using the service utility. It worked fine for a while, now it's back again.

Any ideas? Should I submit a support ticket?

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