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Z- position for Drill cycle. 3+2 axis, non-TCP

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Z- position for Drill cycle. 3+2 axis, non-TCP



I have a Matsuura MC 800 with Nikken B and C axis. I have non-TCP, all rotating points are included in my post.

This is working well with milling operation, but I have a trouble with drilling cycles. 

First move in Z axis with G43 is correct, the second line is wrong, Z height in 98 cycle is correct again.

This problem i have just by rotation the B axis (with integrated compensation of rotation center). Buy usually operation with 3 axis - no issue.

My current post in attache.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance, Alex.


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in reply to: Alex_Numerik

here is definitely something odd going on there as When I post from Fusion its incorrect but it appears to be correct if I use the "export to VS code" utility and post from VS code using the Fusion Post utility.


Both above are from the Same toolpath.


Why this is happening is beyond my abilities however maybe @serge.quiblier can help out.

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Hi All,


I can reproduce the issue.

I have posted from VSCode, and Fusion, using in Fusion both the legacy post engine and the new one.

The Z positionning is different when posted from Fusion, or VSCode.

The one from VSCode seems to make more sense, being between the approach point and the drilling bottom.

Whereas when posting from Fusion, it's going up! Which seems incorrect.

drilling issue.png


This line of code is generated by the repositionToCycleClearance function at the start of onCyclePoint.

This difference in behavior is not desired.

I will discuss it internally with some colleagues.




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Technical Consultant
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Thank you very much. Now we are working with them post verycarefuuly, we have always to lift Retract height when B axis is rotated and check it manually in output code/correcting manually

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Hi @Alex_Numerik 


Can you output a dump using the dumper post, and share it ?

The issue can be caused by the post engine version you are using.


For example, in Fusion it's using the post engine 

Post Engine Version = 4.6034.0
With the legacy post engine.


Post Engine Version = 5.69.0
with the newest post engine


And VSCode was using another version, explaining the differences, but as i modified it, i didn't capture the previous version.


In VSCode, the post engine version can be checked using: (type F1 in VSCode, then type HSM for filtering)



It will display the version in the lower right corner.


And the executable can be modified by using this command






Technical Consultant
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I checked the post engine, its 5.69.0

Sorry, I didn't understand what means output a dump, could you explain



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It simply means, posting using the dumper post available in the library




Technical Consultant
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Sorry fol long answer, was out of house.

In the attache is Programm with issue, and dump

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Hi @Alex_Numerik 


the issue was also reported by somebody else. And the post engine had been updated.

It took me some time to figure out which Fusion version will be fixed.

A quick check after the updaate this morning show that Fusion 2.0.18220 seems to be fixed for that problem, with both post engine (legacy, and new one)


After updating the software, check on your computer, with several files, and give feedback, please.




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Technical Consultant
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Now is everything fine.

Tnank you so much!

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in reply to: Alex_Numerik


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