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wrapped toolpath with Rest machining?

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wrapped toolpath with Rest machining?

Figuring out new 4th axis stuff. We have a radial slot that is 345* around the part with a 15* island. The corners are radiused, so Im now doing a 2D wrapped adaptive to the lowest level, inside the rads. I now want to rest machine above the rads and cut just the wall material but don't see an easy option really (I will probably just end up doing a 2D wrapped contour with the same stepovers? )

It also seems like you aren't able to select radial contours when "Wrap" is enabled. I have to disable, select the edges, then reenable Wrap in order for it to actually accept the chain. 

Rotary pocket just wanted to ramp in and cut full tool width before doing the designated stepovers. 



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