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Why won' this toolpath work?

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Why won' this toolpath work?

Simple 2D chamfer on a simple part. I have tried off the model, and off a sketch. I have selected other geometry on this model and it will generate a toolpath, however, if i select the geometry i need to, it does not generate.



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Select the bottom edge, not the top:





Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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It does not work for me if i select the bottom. Weird

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It does for me, changing nothing but geo selection in your file.

Seth, is there a reason you can't use the top? I only use 2D Contour for our chamfer mill, and control the lead ins required to not cut into any walls, and this isnt an issue. I then cut a modeled chamfer with .005 stl, or select the bottom and enter my desired cut size. I leave the edge breaks at 0 from habbit. It would be better to use .005 chamfer width so it would simulate it with color, but we're too deep into it that I can't retroactively fix it all.
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@CuttingEdgeManufacturing consider this video:


@programming2C78B when using the Chamfer toolpath (not 2D Contour) on a model that has modeled chamfers, you need to select the bottom edge.

When using 2D Contour on a model with modeled chamfers, we do the opposite; select the top edge.

In both cases, we set our Chamfer size to zero, and apply the amount of offset that we need, based on the selected edge.


Why is Chamfer this way? Chamfer toolpath calculates off of an STL model of the part. Depending on toolpath tolerance, it may or may not detect material that is or is not there; it will usually just fail. When we select the bottom edge, it's looking for material below that point. Since there isn't any, we can get a valid toolpath

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Interesting. I always use the 2D chamfer, select the top geometry and apply an offset. and I never have issue with it this way. I'm also almost positive you are the one who put me on to this method about 3 years ago, because I had issues with figuring out the chamfers back then. I'm going to try the chamfer again on that part, but its almost a moot point now because I needed to order a tool or just ballmill the couple parts, so I ballmilled the taper + the chamfer!

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