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Why is my tool returning to the starting point before plunging for the second pass?

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Why is my tool returning to the starting point before plunging for the second pass?

OK so I'm cutting eleven 2" wide and .45" deep channels across a sheet of plywood at a maximum stepdown of .15" using a 2" surfacing bit which means each channel should take 3 passes to complete. I'm utilizing the 3d contour for this set up and I have my parameters punched in how I want them. However, when simulating the toolpath, I notice that once the tool takes it's first pass, INSTEAD of plunging downward at the end of the first pass to take the second pass OR moving over to cut the first pass on the next channel, it will return itself down the pass it just took until it reaches the starting point and only then will it plunge for the second pass. That means the cut will take twice as long! Also, each channel is identical to one another. Why is the toolpath skipping 3 out of the 11 channels? How can I correct this?

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Since there seem to be model-specific issues, like skipping certain channels, it would help a lot if we have the Fusion file.

But I think the slot toolpath might be a better fit if you are cutting a channel with a tool that is precisely size of the channel.
This might also be your issue with why it skips channels because if calculation errors the channel becomes smaller than the tool and then it would be skipped.

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