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When Will We See Updates on Live Part Alignment?

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When Will We See Updates on Live Part Alignment?

Is 4 axis ready to use?

Is 5 axis ready to use?

Will we learn more in during the zoom meeting "Live with the experts: What's new in Fusion 360" on April 13th?



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Hi Kepp,

I wish I had a better answer than No, No, and No. However....

The 4 an 5 axis live alignment has it's issues as we cannot just update the WCS values as these are rotations about the centre line of rotation. however your WCS is most likely not. 

We can't just say set your WCS at the centreline of rotation, as the whole point is to move your WCS, so it would no longer be in the centre of rotation. 

For this to work we would need to know a fair bit of information about the centre of rotation on your machine in machine co-ordinates. Then do some clever maths that I wouldn't even pretend to know. only then could we apply an A and C offset in confidence it would actually work. 

Live with the experts don't normally talk about preview functionality. 

Richard Stubley
Manager - Manufacturing Specialist Team

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