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What tool to use for offset boring head milling?

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What tool to use for offset boring head milling?

I'm trying to bore a .350" hole on a Haas mill with a Criterion offset boring head and tools:


Criterion offset boring head:


I tried using a "boring bar" tool but nothing I do seems to work for dimensions.



So, how do I set this up?


1) "boring bar" -- doesn't seem to work and I have no examples to look at

2) "end mill" -- no, this could move the center and I want vertical motion only

3) "reamer" -- maybe?


My "Bore6" operation is the one I want to be a boring tool.





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Urg, I had a think-o.


That's a 3/8" (375 mil) hole.

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Thanks.  That's what I thought, but it's nice to get confirmation.

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Yep you bet.
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I'm having similar issues with using an offset boring head in my mill.  Looking through the Fusion options, it appears that the "Fine Boring - Shift" (under the drilling tab) would be the most suitable, but it doesn't recognise a boring bar.  Note, for this operation, just like the original poster, I want the table to move so spindle centre is concentric with the hole centre, and then not move - only a Z move required.

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I know this thread is old and dead, but I just wanted to put in my solution for others to reference.


Using an offset boring head is a straight line move in the Z so all you need to do is program a drill cycle with a drill running your desired RPM and feedrate. The depth will be to the bottom of the hole and your tool length offset in the machine will be the tip of the boring bar.

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Digging up old threads... WHAT IF I want to use an offset boring head to machine an O.D. instead of an I.D.?? Yes, the drill/ ream cycle is the same as mentioned above, but is there any way to get the simulation to work in fusion?  Now it will just obliterate my shaft. Form tool that is a revolved boring bar (tube) perhaps? 

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nothing comes to mind. May have to program it as a super small diameter and accept that the simulation wont be correct. 

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