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What Post Processor to use with Milltronics Partner 4 mill

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What Post Processor to use with Milltronics Partner 4 mill

My partner 4 mill at work can use the Milltronics post processor I modified, but it is randomly stopping at certain m-codes since this machine doesn't have a tool changer or spindle control. I just need a generic processor that leaves those codes out 

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Hello @pyroc096 


we only have the generic Milltronics post for milling.

So, if the post does not match your machine requirements, you can either alter the post yourself, find a willing soul from the forum to do the job, or last thing, you can contact one of our trusted partners.


When you are looking for a post, or post modifications, you can contact one of our partners.
Given our partners can provide more localized support, we would encourage you to investigate the partners in your area, which can be done through our Services Marketplace.[]=detect




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Technical Consultant
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If the generic posts are not providing the required output, I offer post processor development services and happy to work out a solution for your machine! Message me if I can be of further assistance.

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